Domestic and Commercial Decorating Services

One of the most frequent jobs we get asked to do is painting and decorating. This can be to any kind of property, internally or externally and in a variety of different materials and styles. We are well versed in gaining access to hard to reach areas and quick at preparing and decorating. If machinery or scaffolding is required for access we clearly include this in our price at the beginning so there are no unexpected costs.

Internal Decorations

We can easily carry out any decorating work you require inside your property. We will decorate single rooms, walls or carry out full internal decoration work including or excluding woodwork and door replacements if necessary. We hang wallpaper and carry out decorative finishes such as Artex, coving, ceiling roses etc. Our team can replace or repair any plasterwork as required and apply decorative finishes such as Artex and statement walls within the decoration. We can also decorate in occupied property and ensure all furniture and possessions are covered during decoration. We also change electrical fittings and door furniture if required which can make all the difference to the look of the finished decoration job.

External Decorations

At Oculus we do our best to ensure that your external decoration will last against everything the elements can throw at it. We ensure we rub down fully to remove all flaking paint and fill to ensure a smooth surface that will provide the basis of the decorating. We splice in new wood if necessary or replace areas where wood has rotted to ensure we do a full job and don’t just paint over any damage. We apply stain or paint to suit you and can match any colours as existing or re-paint in a new colour scheme. We repair and apply new lead-work and render to keep your property water tight including any fancy ornamental flashing or render you require. We also check gutters and falls and re-make seals to windows and doors as a matter of course during ladderwork.

uPVC Windows, Doors and Cladding

If you decide to upgrade to uPVC we can price to replace windows, doors, soffits and fascias in colour to match existing or new. We can also supply cladding in uPVC to lessen future maintenance costs associated with external decorations without the cost of a full replacement.

Commercial Decorations

We carry out re-painting, re-staining, spray paint and powder coating to commercial properties to freshen them up or for re-branding purposes along with a variety of other property maintenance aspects relating to commercial property from stripping back to shell unit, gutter work to electrics and drainage. We can also arrange for classic or modern style sign-writing or sign boards to be applied to your premises and we ensure we carry out all work as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimise any impact to your business.

We are experienced in work on Listed Buildings and buildings in Conservation Areas so we can work sensitively and provide solutions within these restrictions.

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