Our Services

Some of the Products We Provide Include;

Standard insulated double glazed units

Are made up of two 4mm panes of glass with a spacer bar, that is filled with moisture absorbing desiccant, put around the edges to separate the two panes thereby creating an airspace which acts as an insulating barrier between the two pieces. The unit is then sealed with a hotmelt sealant. The spacer bars come in a variety of colours and sizes. The thickness of a double glazed unit can be made between 14mm – 28mm.

Toughened glass

Is tempered safety glass which is processed by thermal treatment to increase its strength. When broken the tension causes the glass to crumble into small pieces instead of jagged shards and is therefore less likely to cause injury.

 Encapsulating stained glass

Provides the benefits of keeping the glass clean, improves heat and sound insulation, increases security and eliminates condensation. The stained glass is encapsulated inside a double glazed unit to form three layers of glass.

Low E glass

Is an energy efficient high performance glass which provides a high solar factor which maximises the free solar heat gain and a low Ug-value that can be further improved with the use of gas and a warm edge spacer. This helps achieve ratings of C to A.

Patterned Glass

There is a wealth of different options for obscure glass with a number of different patterns and translucent options available

Leaded windows

Are decorative windows traditionally made in either diamond lead shapes or square lead shapes, however a bespoke piece of art to the customers requirement can be made that includes pictures with coloured film. See Gallery page of example orders that have been ordered and created.